Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Subject Matter Guru

Hello, my name is Sandra Norwood.  I have a degree in Elementary Education and a certificate in Early Childhood Education.  I started out in Early Childhood as a teacher's aide for the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Head Start Program.  I went back to college and received a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and later was certified in Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten the year before kindergarten was mandatory in the Hamilton County school system. 


l worked as a Counselor in a social services program.  After graduating from college, I moved on as an Education Coordinator in a program for parents of infants-three year olds, supervising teachers and training parents on parenting skills and child growth and development.  Later, I went back to Head Start as a Center Supervisor/Lead Teacher and retired on as a Day Care Director. 

Two years after retirement I took another job as a trainer of Child Care Directors and Teachers.  Retiring again, I decided to become a Child Care Consultant. 

Crawl Before You Walk

You see, I came up the ladder; teacher aide, teacher, educator coordinator, lead teacher/center supervisor, child care director, child care trainer and early childhood consultant.  When I train early childhood educators, I can understand their position because I have been in the positions they are today.  I've heard parents and others say a vast number of times "All the children do is play all day."  What they don't know is "playing is learning."  In one of the programs I worked, we hired parents as Teacher Assistants.  After they encountered what Teachers did, they had more respect for Early Childhood Teachers.  When children began school, they tell the teacher "but my mama said."  After about four to six months they change to "my teacher said."  You will never get rich teaching pre-school but the rewards are great.  Everyone can not be a pre-school teacher.  In the old days it was said you can teach when you can't do anything else.  I'd like to see it done.  It takes a special person to be a teacher.  All of my associates were teachers and are now retired. I am in good company.  It is rewarding to see how children develop physically and grow mentally. 

Contact Me!

Due to my formal training and experience in Early Childhood, I am fortunate to be a consultant, trainer, and mentor of pre-school teachers. I can be reached via e-mail at sandranorwoodco@gmail.com. 

I will also be co-facilitating the Vision Board Junior workshop on February 20, 2017. Go to the Products and Workshops tab for more information. 

Sandra Norwood

College Goal Tennessee

(Repost from previous website)

Career Construction participated in College Goal Tennessee yesterday and had a great time! The event took place at the University of Tennessee in the University Center and was organized by Public Education Foundation of Chattanooga. PEF did an outstanding job on the event!


Breakout Session

Our breakout session was titled Don’t Be Basic, Self-Marketing Fundamentals for the Job Search. Our attendees brought great energy and some great questions. They participated in a mock Career Fair exercise and did a great job!

We discussed the importance of standing out when the job competition is high, being prepared, and following through. The process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If we prepare ourselves before the need arises, we can eliminate a lot of unneeded stress. Something as simple as designating two outfits for interviews will save you time and anxiety of deciding what to wear. Keep them clean and on standby so when you get the call, that part is already taken care of. You can use the time you saved to research the company and become familiar with their objectives.


The experience overall was phenomenal! There were more than 20 breakout sessions with tons of great information for upcoming college students, current college students, and parents. It was also an awesome opportunity to network with others who want to see our youth succeed. Let’s consider this one a real win!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Most of us plan for our new year to be greater than the previous one. We set goals and make resolutions. The New Year is going to be our best year yet! Right?! We know what to do and how to do it, but every year we need reminders so here goes…


One issue with setting goals is they can be too generic. There is a goal in mind with an end result, but no strategic plan to in place to complete the goal. Set SMART goals.






Generic Goal:  Get a new job.

SMART Goal:  Attain a management position with an Accounting firm within the next six months.  

Be specific when setting your goals. If you do not put a time frame on it, it is basically a wish. I am sure you have heard before that goals are dreams with a deadline. This rule still applies in 2017.

Once a SMART goal is set, develop an action plan to achieve the goal. Every goal written should have a list of tasks with it. If one of the tasks can be delegated to quickly expedite the process, find a reliable person to delegate the task to.


Setting goals are easy. Accomplishing goals, not as much. I mean, nothing worth having comes easy, right?! It is helpful to have an accountability partner. If the only person who knows about your goals and deadlines is you, it leaves too much room for procrastination. Designate an accountability partner. When you choose your accountability partner, make sure it is someone who respects your goals and truly wants to see you succeed. If you have an accountability partner, you are more inclined to complete your goals in record time. An accountability partner can also help you network and provide feedback or advice as needed.

Switch it Up

If you find yourself at a road block, DO NOT get discouraged and quit. This does not necessarily mean your goal is unattainable. Your methods of completing the goal could be the wrong methods. Change your route, not your destination. There are usually various ways to accomplish a task.


Make sure to set some specific goals this year. A good way to stay motivated is creating a Vision Board. There are various businesses and organizations hosting Vision Board events this time of year. You can register for one or host your own. It is always good to get out and network. You could even meet your accountability partner at an event! I will be hosting a Vision Board event on January 13th in Chattanooga, TN. Click the link below for more information. Whatever you decide, be sure to write down your goals, make them specific, and designate an accountability partner.


Keep building,