College Goal Tennessee

(Repost from previous website)

Career Construction participated in College Goal Tennessee yesterday and had a great time! The event took place at the University of Tennessee in the University Center and was organized by Public Education Foundation of Chattanooga. PEF did an outstanding job on the event!

Breakout Session

Our breakout session was titled Don’t Be Basic, Self-Marketing Fundamentals for the Job Search. Our attendees brought great energy and some great questions. They participated in a mock Career Fair exercise and did a great job!

We discussed the importance of standing out when the job competition is high, being prepared, and following through. The process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If we prepare ourselves before the need arises, we can eliminate a lot of unneeded stress. Something as simple as designating two outfits for interviews will save you time and anxiety of deciding what to wear. Keep them clean and on standby so when you get the call, that part is already taken care of. You can use the time you saved to research the company and become familiar with their objectives.


The experience overall was phenomenal! There were more than 20 breakout sessions with tons of great information for upcoming college students, current college students, and parents. It was also an awesome opportunity to network with others who want to see our youth succeed. Let’s consider this one a real win!