Fail Fast?!

Coaches Need Coaches Too

Although I’m a Coach and I coach people through their career goals, I also have coaches. I have a Business Coach, a Career Coach, a Fitness Coach, and a Life Coach. I know the value a coach brings and I didn’t realize it before becoming one. I knew you could go to people for advice, but the process with a coach is bigger than that. As long as you do your part, with a Coach you get an accountability partner, a support system, and expert knowledge.

My Business Coach

When I first met with my Business Coach she advised me to “fail fast.” I couldn't understand why she would say that! I was thinking I came here for encouragement and she is telling me to fail, seriously?! She elaborated more, but I was stuck on the word “fail” and didn’t really grasp the full concept until tonight.

Light Bulb

I invested in a product four days ago. I knew what I needed it to do and I was advised by the professionals, this was the way to go. The product does not work the way I need it to. For four days I have been tinkering with it and getting more frustrated every time. Tonight a light bulb went off, I failed fast! I have never been so happy to lose! Through this loss, I won full understanding of the concept “fail fast.” Since it is so recent, I can get a refund on the product and I didn’t invest too much time and we all know time is money.


In conclusion, don’t be afraid to fail fast – embrace it. In the long run, you will save time and money.