Career Coaching & Résumé Writing

Résumé & Correspondence WritinG

Does your résumé reflect the best you? Do you need a cover letter tailored for a certain position; a thank you letter to send to interviewers; a follow-up or acceptance letter? Career Construction can help!

Career & Education CoachinG

Are you interested in attending a higher education institution, joining a professional organization, or working in a certain career field, but don’t know where to begin? If you want to obtain certifications or advanced degrees, we offer our clients step-by-step coaching to ease the process. Career Construction can help!

Interview TraininG

Your résumé looks great and you have been contacted for an interview…are you prepared? We offer interview training for various levels of employment in various settings. Learn everything from what to wear to how to answer those dreadful, caught off guard questions. Career Construction can help!

Job & Employee Search

Do you need assistance finding employment, internships, or volunteer opportunities? Do you need to fill a position with a qualified candidate? Career Construction can help!

Professional Portfolio

Do you have talents and expertise, but don’t quite know how to display them? Career Construction can help!

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